Clickable Source View in Dashboard reports

On Dashboard, clicking on a report such as Revenue Generated displays the report in a table under the heading: "Packages from Frederick Marketing."  The final column, SOURCE, displays the action taken as well as the source (i.e. the name of the automation, campaign, etc.)  This source appears in the format of a button.

However, the button is not clickable.  On the Email History report, however, the button in the View Email column is clickable.

SUGGESTION: On the various dashboard reports showing Visit Revenue, Revenue Generated, New Visits, Packages Sold - make the SOURCE buttons in the Source column have the same functionality as the View Email buttons on the Email History report.

REASON: Improves efficiency - when a user sees which sources are generating the most revenue, visits, etc., it would be useful to glance at what the customer received to have a deeper understanding of which types of messaging are most effective.


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