How can I collect text opt-ins?

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Text messaging is an effective way to reach your clients with offers, but they can only receive them if they've opted in. We have a few handy tools and tips to help you build up your text opt-ins. 


Enable Text Marketing

Enabling Text Message Marketing allows your clients to subscribe to text message offers by texting SUBSCRIBE to your unique trackable phone number. Additionally, a link to subscribe to texts will be included in each Smart Marketing email that is sent.

  • Click on Smart Marketing > Text Marketing
  • Toggle the switch to the ON position
  • Click Save




Enable a custom automation

We've created a handy custom automation that will allow you to automatically email your clients after their first visit to help spread the word about your offers and gather opt-ins. 

  • Click on Automations on the left hand side of the page
  • Locate the "Text Message Marketing Opt-in" automation and click on Settings
  • Check the contact list and email attached for accuracy and content. 




  • Click "Looks good, turn it on!" to enable your automation




  • Clicking on the button will send your clients to a page where they can set their communication preferences. If we have their number on file, they'll be able to check the boxes to subscribe to text messages, otherwise they will receive instructions to text your Frederick phone number to subscribe to texts.




Create signage

Posting a sign at your front desk will help with getting the word out about your text message offers. You can find the number that your clients can text subscribe to under Smart Marketing > Text Marketing.

Use a clear and enticing message to encourage clients to subscribe. 




Share on social media

Your followers and friends love your business and want to hear from you! Share your Frederick phone number on your social media pages to collect text marketing subscribers.

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