How do I create a Call Now button?

You can use your business phone number as a clickable link allowing mobile users to call directly from your email campaigns. Follow the easy steps below to replace your "book now" button to a "call now" button that redirects your customers to your business phone number.

1) Click on the 'Book Now' button and a toolbar should appear.Links3.png

2) Next, select the links icon.Links1.png

3) To change the text in your Book Now button, edit the text under "Display Text" to your preference such as "Call to Book." Change the web link by replacing the existing URL with: tel:*your phone number here*. For example, it should read like tel:5555555555. No need to include dashes.


4) Click apply.

5) Now the URL has been changed to a clickable phone number and you're all set! Don't forget to send yourself a test email and check from your phone to make sure your links are working correctly!



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