How do I personalize my emails?

Using merge tags in your email campaigns and custom automations is a great way to add a personal touch and can increase the likelihood of someone opening your email. 

What is a merge tag?

Merge tags are short bits of code that you can add to your emails and upon launch, will automatically insert the corresponding data. For example, using the First Name merge tag will automatically insert the first name of the recipient of the email.

Here is how to insert a merge tag:

1. Navigate to the edit page of your email.

2. Click on the text box where you'd like to add the merge tag.

3. Click on the area where you'd like your personalized text to appear.

4. Click on the merge tag menu {a} and select what data you'd like to insert.




5. The merge tag will be inserted into your email. Wherever the merge tag is place is where the data will populate once launched to your clients. 




6. You'll notice an option to add default text within the merge tag. The default text is displayed if you have a contact record that does not have any corresponding data. For instance, if a contact record does not have a first name, it will default to "Hello, there". 

Please note that if the merge tag has been added successfully, it will appear blank in your test email. If you'd like to see your merge tag in action, create a test list containing just your email address and schedule it to send. Merge tags will only populate upon launch of the email. 


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