How do I enable Text Opt-in?

Frederick's text opt-in feature allows you to collect permission to send marketing texts to your clients and will be sent shortly after a client's visit. Clients will also be able to text SUBSCRIBE to your unique number to add themselves to the marketing list. Text communications containing offers will only be sent to clients that have opted in to receive promotional text messages. 


1. Click on Smart Marketing > Text Opt-in




2. Toggle the "Turn on this feature" switch to the ON position 


3. Toggle the "Send opt-in invitation" switch to the ON position if you'd like to send opt-in requests to your clients after a recent appointment. Please note that the request will only be sent one time per customer.




4. Decide who should receive a text opt-in request

  • Send after tracked call - Clients that call your trackable phone number will be asked to opt-in to receive marketing texts
  • Send after a visit - Control how long after a visit that a client can receive a text opt-in request




5. Decide what the message should say

  • After Visit Template - This is the message that will be sent after a recent appointment ( within 7 days )
  • General Template - This is the message that will be sent if they call your trackable phone number or were sent the request more than 7 days after the client's appoinment


6. Send a test message to yourself to see what your new text opt-in request will look like

7. Click Save


That's it! Your Text Opt-in program is now live!






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