How do I connect Frederick to MINDBODY?

Connecting your Frederick account to MINDBODY allows Frederick to import the data necessary to send communications.

Follow these easy steps to get up and running:

  1. Log into your Frederick account 
  2. The screen should display a list of management systems to connect to. If it does not, click on Setup Wizard > Data Sources 
  3. Click on MINDBODY 
  4. Enter your MINDBODY Site ID and click Next 
  5. Click Connect to MINDBODY. 
  6. A new tab will open to your MINDBODY login page, enter your admin credentials to log in. 
  7. You will be automatically taken to the API page, check to make sure that Frederick has been activated successfully 
  8. Go back to the Frederick tab and click Next 
  9. Choose the location you are connecting your Frederick account to and click Finish 

That's it! The first sync may take up to 24 hours depending on how much data is in your account. Feel free to explore other areas of the program while you're waiting. 

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