How do I upload a list of contacts into my account?

Have a list of contacts you'd that you'd like to reach but aren't in your management system? Upload them using a CSV file!

Here's how:


1. Ensure your CSV file is formatted correctly




  • Each column of data should have a header describing what data the column contains
  • Each data field should have its own column
  • Save the file as a CSV

2. Upload the list




  • Click on Contacts on the left hand side of the page and then on Import Contacts
  • Click on Upload a new CSV file and choose the file containing the contacts that you have saved on your computer
  • You'll also have the option to upload your new contacts to a static list. Check off the box and give your new list a name if you decide to do so. 

3. Map the fields




  • Once you've uploaded the file, tell Frederick what to do with that data. If you've added the header rows mentioned earlier, it should be easy to select the appropriate field name using the dropdown menus. See the example above. 
  • Click on Start Import when you're done and that's it! You do not have to stay on the page as it will continue importing in the background.  


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