Why didn't my scheduled campaign go to all my contacts?

Frederick has a variety of ways to help you target the clients you want to reach, however, certain settings may affect the number of contacts that your Scheduled Campaign reaches.

Here are some of the most common causes and their workarounds:


Require a Recent Visit - 




This setting, if enabled, will exclude clients that have not been in for a visit in 2 or more years. This can decrease the amount of contacts that your campaign is sent to if your mailing list is on the older side. Disabling this feature will mean that more contacts will qualify for your campaigns, however, please check with your local spam laws to ensure you are not violating any rules before disabling.

You can disable the Require a Recent Visit option by clicking on Smart Marketing and then on Discount Settings. Toggle the Require a Recent Visit switch to the OFF position and click Save at the bottom of the page. 


Subscription Preferences - 

We value the privacy of your clients, which is why we allow them to opt-in or out of Frederick communications. If your Scheduled Campaign did not go to your entire contact base, it may be helpful to check how many contacts are actually subscribed to receive marketing emails. 

Check how many contacts are subscribed to emails by clicking on Contacts and then on Contact Lists. Scroll towards the bottom to the Smart Lists section and you'll find the list titled Marketing Email Subscribed. Click on the list and the number of marketing subscribed contacts will be displayed at the top of the page.




Multi-location Business - 

Frederick has checks in place to prevent your clients from receiving too many emails at once. If you manage multiple locations from a single Frederick account and send a Scheduled Campaign from all of your locations at the same time, we'll make sure that your clients only receive one copy of the campaign in the event that they exist in more than one location. This feature may decrease the amount of clients your campaign goes to in certain locations if you have a lot of clients that visit multiple locations.



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