Uploading Contacts to a New Static List

You can now upload contacts directly into a Static List! This new feature will allow you to upload a specific client base to a Static List for your Scheduled Campaigns. 


1.  Select Import Contacts



2.  Chose Which file to Import Contacts


3. Select File to Upload

Select the file you would like to upload. In this example I'll select the saved CSV file titled "clientlist" and open it. 


4. Format Spreadsheet to Meet Upload Criteria

  • Make sure the list has the following criteria (first & last name, email, mobile phone number) 
  • All other information will not be recognized when uploading to Frederick.  


5. Upload Contacts 

  • Check the box to upload these contacts to a new Static List
  • Give the Static List a name. 
  • Ensure the uploaded file is in a CSV format
  • Start your import.


5. View New Static List 

You will now see the new Static List with your uploaded contacts. 


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