How do I create an automation?

Automations are a great way to tailor Frederick's communications to your business' needs. Whether you're targeting new clients with a special introductory offer or your most loyal clients with a special promotion, Frederick's got you covered!


1. Give it a name

The name and description of your automation is only visible to you. It helps to name it something that will help you remember who you're targeting and what you're offering.




2. Choose your audience

Frederick's lists building tools makes it easy for you to target the segments you want. Simply choose the list(s) you'd like to send to or exclude from your automation and click Save. Automations will automatically send messages to your clients as they meet your criteria.




Need help creating a new Smart List list? Click here for a helpful guide.


3. Create your content

Frederick's email builder makes it easy to create content for your new automation. Choose from a variety of templates and stock images to send the perfect message to your target audience. Click the "+" button to begin creating new messages.

You'll be able to add as many messages to your automation as you'd like with delays in between, creating the perfect drip campaign to keep your clients engaged.




4. Review your automation settings

You've got your audience and your content, now it's time to review your automation settings. The last thing you'll need to decide on is whether or not you'd like to enroll contacts who already meet your criteria. If the box is unchecked, your automation will only send messages to clients that are added after the automation goes live. Once you're done, click Save.




5. Go live!

That's it! All you have to do now is flip the switch to turn on your automation.

Please note that if you need to make any changes to your automation's settings, you'll have to turn off the automation first.



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