How do automations work?

Automations are a great way to market to your clients without having to constantly create new emails or text messages to send on a one-off basis. Just set it and forget it! Targeting specific clients at just the right time will help maximize your results.


When do communications go out and who are they sent to?  

All automations are tied to lists that you've created. Clients will receive the automation's message as they are added to those lists based on the criteria that you've set. Frederick will manage your clients' subscription preferences for you so won't have to worry about sending them anything they don't want!




What gets sent to my clients?

Using Frederick's email editor, you can quickly and easily create a custom email. Send non-members a special introductory offer or maybe a special thank you coupon to your very best clients. We have plenty of templates to get you started and a library of stock images to choose from.




Ready to get started?

Check out our helpful how-to guide here: How do I setup a new automation?


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