Tracking Feedback and Reviews

Frederick collects feedback and reviews from your clients and compiles them into easy-to-read reports. Here is a rundown of the reporting options available for the Feedback & Reviews program:


1. Account Dashboard

Your account dashboard will give you an overview of how your feedback program is doing. See what your current NPS score is, how many feedback requests were sent and how many responses were received.




2. Feedback & Review Reporting

You'll find detailed reporting by clicking on Reports and then on Feedback & Reviews. Here are the key features of the Feedback & Review reporting page:

The colored bar at the top will show you how many of your responses were promoters, detractors, or passive.

The left column will allow you to filter by response, booked service, and staff member.

The main section will showcase all the reviews and feedback you've received and allow you to publish them to your website widget and business listing. Additionally, Frederick will track whether or not a client has visited your review sites (e.g. Facebook or Yelp ). Please note that we are only able to track whether or not they visited those pages and not if they actually posted a review.




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