How do I setup Feedback & Reviews?

Frederick's Feedback & Reviews feature allows you to collect and report on feedback from your clients so you can quickly address unhappy customers and share outstanding testimonials about your business. We’ll also track your Net Promoter Score which will give you a good idea of how happy your customers are. If you aren’t familiar with the Net Promoter Score,  you can check out our handy guide here.

Ready to turn on Feedback & Reviews? Follow these steps:


1. Turn on Feedback & reviews

  • Click on Smart Marketing
  • Click on Feedback & Reviews
  • Flip the switch to the "ON" position.
  • Text requests are optional and can be enabled by flipping the switch to “ON”



2. Ask to share & auto-publish

Ask to post reviews on social sites: If enabled, Frederick will ask your clients to share their feedback on your social sites after submitting a written review. You may leave this off if you do not wish to link to your social and review sites.

Auto-publish reviews: Turning this feature on means that any review or rating Frederick collects that is a 4.5 star rating or higher will automatically be published to the Frederick review widget that you've placed on your website.





3. Set the minimum time between requests

Feedback requests will be sent after a client's recent appointment. You'll be able to customize how often your clients receive a feedback request.

  • Days since last time customer responded: If you have clients that visit often, this setting will ensure that they do not receive too many feedback requests in a short period of time. For example, if you set it to 60 days, a client that has received a feedback request and responded will not receive another feedback request for at least 60 days.
  • Days since last request for feedback: You can also control how often a client receives a feedback request in the event that they do not respond. For instance, if it were set to 7 days, Frederick will wait at least 7 days to send another feedback request.





4. See a sample

Take a look at what your customers will see when they receive a request for feedback. You can view it in a browser, send yourself a test email, or send yourself a test text message.




5. Click Save

You're all done! Feedback requests will start sending to clients with recent appointments.

Want to get even more out of the Feedback and Reviews feature? Learn how you can share your reviews on your website and how Frederick drives reviewers to publish their testimonials on other sites here.

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