How do I setup Fill Slow Days?

Frederick looks 7 days into the future to predict when business will be slow and can offer specials to select clients who are willing to book on a specific day. By default, Frederick will only send these specials out when your calendar is less than 50% booked a week from now, but you can change this number to accommodate your specific needs.

As an example, if today is Monday the 11th, Frederick will look at the week of Monday the 18th to Sunday the 24th.  If you left the default value at 50%, Frederick will look to see if one of your business days is less than 50% booked.  If it is, this will be marked as a "Slow Day" and campaigns will be sent to promote that day.

Follow these steps to set up your Fill Slow Day campaign:


1. Turn on Fill Slow Days

  • Click on Smart Marketing on the left hand side of the page.
  • Click on Fill Slow Days.
  • Flip the switch to the "ON" position.
  • You also have the option of turning on text messages. Only clients that have opted into receive text promotions will receive offers via text.

2. Enable Discounts

If you'd like to offer a discount to encourage your clients to book on your slower days, toggle Discounts to "On" and select one of three discount options. These include percentage, dollar amount, or a custom offer. You are able to write out a custom offer if you select this option, however please note that Frederick has no way to automate or apply this discount.




3. Set your Utilization Threshold

Here you'll be able to tell Frederick what you consider a "Slow Day". For example, if you were to set your Utilization Threshold to 50%, Frederick would consider any day less than 50% booked a "slow day" and promote it.


4. See a Sample

Take a look at what your Fill Slow Days campaign will look like. Click on View a Sample Email to view the offer in your browser. You can also enter your email address to send yourself a test email or your phone number for a test text.


5. Click Save

You're all done! Once you've hit Save your Fill Slow Days campaign will begin.


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