Customizing your Business Listing

Every Frederick user will get their own customized URL for their business. Your business listing is where your clients will go to book appointments. It will also display information about your business like hours, website URL, and location.

Here we'll go through some of the settings available on the Customize Your Business Listing page within Frederick.




  • Enabling appointment requests will allow you to approve appointments before they’re added to your calendar.
  • Upload a logo that will be displayed on all communications sent from Frederick as well as your business listing page.
  • Add your review sites to redirect customers to leave feedback on other sites through our feedback and review communication
  • Your cancellation policy will be displayed during the booking process.



  • Allow your customers to add a note to their appointments by enabling Booking Note
  • Redirect buttons allows you to send your customers to a specific web page after booking an appointment.




  • Set what information you’d like to collect by toggling the switches.
  • Choose whether or not you’d like to sync your clients’ subscription preferences with your booking management system.



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