How do I manage a customer's subscription preferences in my appointment management system? ( Booker )

We understand how important it is to keep your clients' subscription preferences up to date. If you are using Booker for your management system, you have the ability to adjust those settings within the customer's profile, where you can select if they would like to receive or not receive texts and emails. 


These settings will only effect emails and texts coming from your appointment management system by default. However, you can also have them control your customers' subscription preferences in Frederick if you would like. To do this, you can turn in a Setting called Sync Settings located in the Business Listing section. 


Please keep in mind, that once this setting is turned on, the subscription preferences in your appointment management system will take precedence over the subscription preferences in Frederick. This means that any customers that you may have unsubscribed (including customers unsubscribed during a pricing tier fix through the Frederick Support team) could potentially get resubscribed when turning this setting on. This setting could cause your subscriber count to change dramatically, so please use it with caution. 

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