How do I send an email to a specific segment of customers?

The Scheduled Campaigns feature is a great if you would like to send an email out to all of your subscribed customers, but did you know you can send a Scheduled Campaign to a specific group of people?

Using the Contact Lists feature in Frederick, you can create Static Lists of clients that you would like to send an email out to. There are also premade lists called System Lists and Smart Lists. You can send Scheduled Campaigns to any of these lists instead of sending a mass email out to all of your customers. 


Right before you schedule your Scheduled Campaign, you will be given the choice to send the campaign to All Customers, or you can choose to send it to your existing Static, Smart, or System Lists. Multiple lists can be selected when sending a campaign.


Once you have selected the lists you would like to send your email to, you can schedule the time that you want it to be sent. Once it is scheduled, it will go out to only the customers on the lists you have selected. 

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