What is the Difference Between a Static List, Smart List, and System List?

When browsing your contact lists, you will notice that there are different types of lists you can choose from. All of these lists can be used when sending a Scheduled Campaign, but they are all made a little bit differently.


Static Lists

A static list is the only list of the three that allows you to pick which customers are on it. You can add customers to one of your static lists by browsing through your list of customers, checking off their name, and selecting "Add to list". Once you have your list made, you can send a Scheduled Campaign to that list of people. These lists are useful if you have a specific list of customers in mind, that you would like to send a communication to. 

Smart List

A smart list is a list that is automatically created by Frederick. These lists are based on several different criteria, including the customer's recent feedback, their gender, their membership status, and more, depending on the type of information that can be pulled from your appointment management system. These lists are automatically updated and may be useful if you would like to send a quick message to all of your members, for example.

System List

A system list is also created automatically by Frederick. These lists are also automatically updated and maintained based on a customer's interaction status with Frederick marketing messages, or their subscription preferences.

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