Can I Freeze My Frederick Account?

We understand that certain situations arise where you need to take a break. Frederick understands and will allow you to freeze your account for up to 3 months at a time with no cost to you!

Your account will continue to sync on a regular basis, retaining all of it's data and keeping it up to date. During this time, no emails or texts will be sent out to your customers.

To start your freeze, email us at requesting how many months (1-3) you would like to have your account frozen for. Your freeze start date is dependent on your billing date and will end on the billing date of the last month being frozen.

Once we receive your request you will receive an email confirmation from our team letting you know when your freeze will begin and end. About a week prior to your freeze ending, we will send you a reminder email with instructions on how to resume your account. If you need to come off your freeze early, just let us know and we'll be happy to take care of that for you!



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