How do I mark a client as a member or non-member?

Marking members off individually

You may want to do this to exclude a certain client from receiving promotional communications but not transactional and marking them as a member in Frederick allows you to do so!

To mark a customer as a member, you will want to find them on you contacts list. To find this go to Contacts>Browse Contacts.

Once you have found a contact you would like to mark as a member, check off the box to the left of their name. Then you will select the ‘Actions’ button and select “Set Active Member / Package” to mark them as a member or “Remove Active Member / Package” to mark them as a non-member.


Marking members off as a list

If you do not want to mark clients one at a time, you can mark off an entire list of your members by uploading them to Frederick in the Import Contacts section. There is a little bit of work required in Excel first.

First, you will need to compile a list in Excel with the First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and Phone Number of the customers you would like to mark off as members. Be sure to also include a column that indicates that these clients are members, such as “Membership” or “ActiveMember”. In the Membership column, make sure all members are marked as “TRUE”. Once you have created this list, save it as a .CSV file.


After you have your .CSV file ready, you can upload it to the system to mark all of these customers as members. Go to Contacts>Import Contacts to upload your list.


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