Trial set up for class-based businesses on MINDBODY - Best Practices

Most MINDBODY customers that offer classes require pre-payment in order for clients to reserve spots in class. Because the Frederick booking interface does not currently allow for the capturing of credit card information, Frederick’s booking flow will not work if payment is required upfront in order to reserve a spot in class or book an appointment. But don’t worry, Frederick includes an option to direct clients to book their visits directly through your MINDBODY booking site. We’ve come up with a helpful how-to guide to make the booking experience as seamless as possible for your clients while using your MINDBODY booking link.


1. After starting your Frederick trial, enable the “Use my own booking site” option

Navigate to the “Business Listing” section in Frederick’s navigation menu. Once there, switch the “Use My Own Booking Site option” to the on position and enter your booking site URL to direct clients for booking.


2. Where do I find my booking site URL?

Your MINDBODY booking URL can be found by logging into your MINDBODY account and clicking on Manager Tools and then on Links. You’ll see a few different options for booking URLS. If you offer a mixture of appointments and classes, you’ll want to link to your Home page, otherwise you can link clients directly to your class schedule or services.


Once you have the URL, navigate back to Frederick and paste in your booking URL, then click Save at the bottom.


3. Great! Now let’s create some coupon codes in MINDBODY to use in Frederick campaigns. You’ll be able to insert these coupon codes into your Frederick campaigns so that clients can use them when checking out on your MINDBODY site. Each campaign will need to include a coupon code, but if you’re offering the same discount in multiple campaigns you can create one code for each discount amount.

MINDBODY has written a great guide on how to do so. If you need help click here.

The coupon codes you create should reflect the discounts that you’re offering in Frederick. For instance, if your Fill Last Minute Openings Offer is 15%, create a coupon code in MINDBODY for 15% off.  Additionally, you can set limitations on what the coupon code applies to ( e.g certain services/classes or days ). It’s a good idea to match the limitations you have set on the Discount Settings page in Frederick to stay consistent.

We recommend using single-use coupon codes and updating them in MINDBODY and Frederick every 30 days or so. We suggest updating codes to keep your offers fresh and safeguard against any attempted abuse by customers attempting to reuse the same offer with a different email address, even though this type of abuse does not occur often.


4. With the coupon codes created, it’s time to insert them into your Frederick campaigns. Log into your Frederick account and click on a campaign you want to enable. You’ll notice the Offer Details section, which we’ll use to direct your clients to use your coupon code at checkout.


Next, send yourself a test to see if everything looks right. The offer sent to your clients should now direct them to your MINDBODY booking page and provide a coupon code they can use to book a visit!



How should I direct clients to purchase packages/memberships? 

Promote Packages & Memberships, Boost, Limited Time Specials, and Rescue Lost Customers are all ways to get the word out about what you have to offer.

1. You’ll first want to create packages in Frederick under Package & Membership Settings that reflect the packages and memberships you have available in MINDBODY.  

You’ll notice that there is an option to include a link to purchase. Here you can link directly to the package you have available in your MINDBODY online store.



You can find the link to a specific package/membership by logging into your MINDBODY account and clicking Manager Tools > Links. Just choose the service category and pricing option and the link should automatically generate.




You can link directly to the package you are promoting or to your online store’s home page if you’d like your clients to see all that you have to offer.

2. Once you have packages and memberships set up in Frederick, you can use various campaigns in Frederick to offer a special deal on your packages and memberships, such as Boost, Limited Time. Here’s how:

Simply select the Package/Membership option in the offer section and choose a package from the dropdown menu to promote. Include any coupon code you’d like your clients to use at checkout.


A link to purchase will automatically be included in the campaign along with any discount you decide to offer.



3. Promote packages and memberships without a special offer

If you want to make non-members aware of the different packages and memberships you offer after a recent visit, you can use the Promote Packages and Memberships feature to set up drip campaigns targeted at non-members. You can learn more about the Promote Packages & Memberships feature here.


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