How do I manage contacts across multiple locations?

Frederick takes care of multi-location contact management for you by using your clients’ appointment data to determine what to send and from which location. Please note that this feature only applies to multiple locations managed under a single Frederick account.

Managing multiple locations is a tough job so here are the details on how Frederick takes care of the stress of contact management for you: 

  • Frederick will only send offers to the client from the most recently visited location. If a client has visited all your locations but the most recent visit was at Location B, then they’ll only receive promotional offers form Location B.
  • Frederick will not send promotional communications if the contact has had an appointment within the threshold defined in the Reminder to Book Again campaign or “Days Since Last Visit” field in the Discount Settings tab. For instance, if you have Frederick set to wait 45 days before sending an offer to a client, Frederick will check all locations for an appointment that falls within that threshold before sending them an offer.
  • Frederick will keep an eye on future appointments in all locations and will not send a promotional communication to a client with an appointment already on the books.
  • Frederick will not send a Boost or Promote Packages & Memberships communication to a contact if either has been sent out in the same day to the contact from any location in the business.
  • Appointment Reminders, Feedback Requests, and Referral Requests will send to a client from the last location that visited and will only send if the client has visited that location recently.
  • When sending an email via the Campaigns tab, Frederick will automatically exclude any contacts who have received a Scheduled Campaign from any other location within the billing account.
  • Frederick will automatically exclude contacts that have received a communication from the same automation / drip campaign in another location, so long as the automations are named the same across locations. For instance, a contact will now get a Birthday Special from only one location even if multiple locations have it enabled.

If you have any questions about the rules or need help managing your contacts, please don't hesitate to contact our support team!

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