How Do I Transfer My Account to a New Owner?

Transferring ownership can be done right from your Frederick account! Follow these simple steps below to successfully complete a change of ownership!


1. Have the current Admin who’s paying for the account log into the Frederick account


2. Click on the Welcome icon in the upper right hand corner and go to Account and Billing


3. Cancel the account. This must be done to remove the current owner so the new one can be added for the Change of Ownership



4. Add the email of the new owner under Location Admins and then click “Add”. This will send an email to the new owner



5. Click Transfer Ownership to the new owner



6. An email will be sent to the new owner prompting them to create a login


7. Have the new owner create a login and sign in


8. Once they’re logged into the new account, select “Upgrade Now” on the top banner


9. Have the new owner enter their credit card information and the Change of Ownership is Complete!


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