Why did my subscription price increase?

Frederick bases your monthly subscription price on how many subscribers you have within your account. A subscriber is defined as a contact that has opted in to receive emails or texts and we import them from your booking management system daily. Don't worry! Frederick will remove any duplicates to ensure that you're only paying for unique, valid contacts.

The subscription tier you are in will automatically adjust as the number of your subscribers fluctuates and the price of your subscription will increase if you add enough contacts to push you into the next tier. We understand that running a business keeps you busy so we'll notify you of the increase well in advance and give you until your next billing cycle to make adjustments to your list before your price increases. 

Your booking system may offer tools for filtering contacts which can help you determine who to keep and who to remove from Frederick.

Some criteria we recommend filtering by:


  • Customers who have no appointment history or any upcoming appointments
  • Customers who haven’t visited your business in a while and are unlikely to return

Need help? The Frederick support team is happy to help you groom your lists for success. If you need any assistance creating a list of contacts to unsubscribe just let us know! 

Once you're done creating a list of contacts you'd like to remove, send it in to and we'll process that for you and let you know the results! 



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