How do I add an image to my Scheduled Campaign?

Adding photos is a great way to make your emails pop. Follow these easy steps to add photos to your campaigns. 


  • Placeholder images will indicate where you can insert your own photo. You can replace all of these images with your own and add more if you'd like. 




  • If you'd would like add a new image, hover over a content block and select the blue + icon then select one of the available image content block options.




  • Click on the placeholder image you'd like to replace and a box will appear with your options.  You can insert an image link if you're hosting your own images, or click on Upload Image to insert one from your computer.




  • If you decide to upload an image, a screen will appear that will allow you to choose a photo from your computer, social media sites or from our stock image library.




  • Once you've selected a photo, you’ll have an option to crop it or skip if it's perfect already. Click Save and the image will be added to your email. All done!



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