How can I promote my products?

The Scheduled Campaigns tool is a great way to let your customers know about the products you're excited about. Let's get the word out about the many great things your business has to offer!

  • Start by clicking on Campaigns under your menu to the left on your screen




  • Select the last template labeled E-Commerce




  • This template by default will showcase up to 4 products, however, you can delete or add a boxes as you like.




  • If you'd like to add more items, select the blue + sign to add another content block.




  • Click on the photo icons to upload images. Choose from stock images, Facebook, Instagram, your Google Drive and more! Once inserted, you can link the images directly to their respective product pages by clicking on one and selecting the Link icon.

    *Don’t know how to upload a photo? CLICK HERE



  • After adding pictures and taglines for your products, make sure to attach the link to your online store by clicking on the “Visit the Online Store” button.
  • Select the link option and put in your web page.




  • Once your email is ready for launch, proceed to the next step by clicking "Next" up at the top.

  • Title your campaign a name, select the date and time you'd like your email to go out and hit Schedule. All done! 


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