Text Message History Report

The Text Message History Report allows you to keep track of every text that is sent out through Frederick. Search by the customer's contact details to pull up the history of texts they've received, which campaign they received, and whether or not they took any actions after receiving it. 


How to read the Report

Each report includes:

  • Send Date
  • Customer Email
  • Customer First and Last Name
  • Customer Mobile Phone Number
  • Communication (Type of Campaign sent)
  • Result (How they interacted with the text e.g. sent, called business, confirmed appointment etc.)
  • View Massage (view original text sent)


Filter By Contact Details

  • Type in your customers mobile phone number, name or email to show a history of their communications
  • Select Go



Search by Result 

  • Filter by result to see how customers have responded to your communications
  • Select Go




View Text Message

  • View the original text that was sent to your clients by mousing over the "View Message" button




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