Fill Slow Days vs. Fill Last minute Opening

While going through your Smart marketing campaign you might have come across two campaigns that sound similar. You may ask yourself, “What is the difference between Fill Last Minute Openings and Fill Slow Days? Aren’t they the same?” Although they sound alike they do have different functions!


The main difference between the two is how far in advance Frederick will read your booking system’s calendar to fill those open time slots for you!

Fill Last Minute Openings will identify unfilled appointment slots in the next 24 to 48 hours. These communications will target your customers who have expressed interest in receiving these promotions and if they have a history of booking during the times that are available. This communication will also allow you to pick specific services while Fill Slow Days will not. For example, if today is Monday, this offer will look to see if there is any availability for Tuesday and Wednesday.




Fill Slow Days will look 7 days in advance on your calendar to forecast time slots that are deemed as a “slow day” for the following week.For example, if today is the 1st, Frederick will look at your calendar for that week and forecast it’s prediction for the week of the 8th – 14th and send out communication to your eligible customers for that week. You decide what constitutes a slow day by entering a utilization threshold when setting up the campaign. This communication will send out to clients that have expressed interest in receiving promotions. 




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