Navigating your Scheduled Campaigns dashboard

The Scheduled Campaigns dashboard provides an easy way to monitor how your sent campaigns are doing, manage your drafts, and create new ones. 

From your Frederick account click on the Campaigns tab on the right. This will take you to the front page of your Scheduled Campaigns Dashboard. Your Campaigns will be listed in the order you created them.


Campaign Creation & Editing

Click on New Campaign to get started on creating a new email to send to your contacts. You'll find plenty of tools to quickly and easily create a great looking email!



Before your campaign is sent to your customers and is still in Draft mode, you'll still have the option to edit and refine it! To the right there is an Actions button. If you click on it, you’ll see 4 options.

  • Preview & Test: see how your campaign is coming along and send it to yourself so you can see exactly what your customers will be receiving!
  • Duplicate: Love your template? Want to re-use it in the future? Click here to make a new campaign with your previous design!
  • Edit: Still not quite right and want to make changes? Click here!
  • Schedule: Set a date and time to send out your email to your clients!



If your Campaign is current set to Scheduled you’ll see two different options under the Actions button.


Campaign Status


There are three states your campaign can be in.


  • Draft: still in editing mode
  • Scheduled: completed and getting ready to send out. Scheduled an email but changed your mind? You can unschedule an email by clicking on Actions and then on Unschedule 
  • Sent: your campaign has launched and on it's way to your customers' inboxes




Next to each sent campaign's name, you'll find it's corresponding statistics.

Sent - How many contacts your campaign was sent to
Opens - How many of your contacts opened your email
Clicks - How many contacts clicked a link in your email









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