What is the difference between Recommended Services and Declined Services?

The Recommended and Declined Services campaigns are two powerful marketing automations designed to get customers thinking about their next service! While they may seem similar they're built to target different sets of customers for optimal results. 

Let’s take a look at how these 2 campaigns differ:


Declined Services

Let’s say a customer comes in to replace their brake pads and during the service you notice that their tires are wearing unevenly. You call the customer and recommend a tire rotation and alignment be done today as well, but unfortunately the customer doesn't have time and declines. 

The Declined Services campaign is designed to remind your customer about vital services they didn't complete at the time of their last visit because they weren't ready to! 




Recommended Services

Creating a personalized service plan for your customers is a great way to make them feel taken care of and keep them coming back. The Recommended Services campaign extracts this plan from your management system and will send your clients an email or text reminding them about their next scheduled service before its due. If they do not respond to the initial reminder after a set period of time, you'll have the option to offer a discount as an extra incentive to come in. 




For more information on how Frederick uses data from your management system, check out these helpful videos tailored to your specific system:



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