How do I create an email using Frederick's email builder?

Welcome to Frederick’s emailing tool! This marketing feature will allow you design your own emails with pictures, texts and links to keep your client’s up to date. Build an email with Frederick in 3 easy steps. Choose your template, add your content and schedule to send. 


1. Choose Your Template

  • Click the Campaigns tab on the left hand side of your Frederick homepage
  • Next, click on New Campaign from the Schedule Campaigns Dashboard



Select one of the following templates to begin your email:

Announcement: Use this template if you want to get the word out for upcoming events or perhaps a new service you’re offering. It’s quick and easy to send your customers new information with this template!

Newsletter: Keeping your clients engaged with your business is a great way to keep them coming back. Sharing your best tips and tricks with your customers is simple when using this template. 

E-Commerce: Want to showcase your products being sold in house and online? This layout allows them to shine! You can link your online store to your items to provide an easy purchasing experience for your customers.




2. Design Your Email

Now it’s time to edit your template. You’ll notice the templates are made up of individual content blocks and can be mortified to your liking. Hover over each content block and a blue outline will appear with different symbols and functions.

  • The up/down arrows allow you to re-order your content blocks by moving them up or down.
  • The plus icon will appear on the top and bottom of the outline. This icon offers more content to add to your template either above or below the block currently selected. Whether it’s another text block, image or maybe just a spacer to add visual appeal, there's many options to choose from.
  • To remove a unwanted block, click on the X icon.



When selecting one of the + arrows the following boxes will appear.campaign_icons.png



  • Text
  • Image
  • Image + Text
  • Small Image + Text
  • Button/Link
    • Create your own button such as Call or Book Now!
  • Social
    • Add  your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account
  • Horizontal Line
    • A visual spacer to help separate content
  • Spacer
    • A blank section to lengthen your email


To add photos to your email, click on an image box. A pop up will appear that will ask you to upload an image. You can also link your photos to webpages by entering an URL under Image Link.


When clicking in the middle of a text box, you’ll notice editing options will appear. Description for the icons are listed below moving from left to right.


  • Font Size
  • Bold
  • Italicize
  • Underline
  • Edit Font Color
  • Align Text
  • Edit Background Color
  • Link
  • Removes Formatting


Don’t forget to add the links to your social media by clicking on the individual buttons at the bottom. Don't have one of these accounts? Not a problem! Feel free to replace any icon with other social site images or get creative and use your own business logo to redirect customers to your homepage!


Before sending out your email to the masses, you'll want to make sure everything looks perfect. Frederick lets you preview the email before sending it out to everyone by clicking on the “Preview & Test” icon. Enter your email and send an example to yourself. This will allow you to know exactly what is being sent to your customers.


3. Schedule Your Campaign 

Finally it’s time to name your campaign and set up a time and date for it to send out.

Campaign Name:  This is for internal use only. It will only appear on your Scheduled Campaigns Dashboard.

Email Subject Line: This is the subject line that will appear in your customers' inboxes.

Time: The time it will send out to your customers.

Date: The date you wish to have your email sent.


Clicking Schedule will launch the email at the time and date you've set forth. You'll also have the option to click Save as Draft and Exit if you'd like to come back and finish it at a later time.  






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