How do I run a special using a Boost or a Scheduled Campaign?

You value your customers so why not reward them with a discount right? Running a special in Frederick is very easy to do! We provide two options on how to get the word out about a special you want to send out to your customers!


1. Run a Boost Campaign!

A Boost will target the majority of your customer base. You’ll have the option to send out a discount based on a percentage off, dollar amount or a custom special.

  • Log into your Frederick account and go to Boost under Smart Marketing to your left
  • Switch on the on/off toggle



  • Select if you want your Boost to reach all of your contacts or only customers who haven’t been in in a certain amount of day




  • Frederick will show the next 7 days. Pick which days you would like to run your special be applied to




  • Select what type of offer you want to send out. Do you want to give your customer a percentage off? Dollar amount? Or create your own offer!




  • Next, you have the option to have your special apply to all of your services or specific ones. If you select Specific Services, only services that are marked to be a part of discounts under Discount Settings will appear here.


  • *Note non Booker accounts will not have the option to select certain services to be a part of their Boost campaigns


2. Send out an email with Scheduled Campaigns!

If you want to truly customize the way you send out a special to your customers this option is for you! Be free to advertise any event, special or discount on any date!

*This option is best if you want to notify your customers of a special you are running longer than a week or more than a week out of today’s current date!


  • On the left hand side, click on the Campaigns beta icon.


  • Click on New Campaigns


  • Pick a template. We recommend the Announcement template.


  • Design your template to showcase your special. Tips for how to design your own template click HERE (insert link)


  • Proceed to schedule your date and time by selecting Next at the top of the page. This will take you to your last step. Give your email a title, email subject line, day and time and send it off!


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