What is a trackable phone number?

Each Frederick account is assigned a unique phone number that account owners can use to track business generated by Frederick. When your customers call the trackable number, it will automatically forward to your business' phone number.

Your trackable phone number can be found by clicking on Business Listing on the left side of your Frederick account. Near the top of the page, you'll find the phone number that has been assigned to you.



All communications sent through Frederick will list the trackable phone number so that you can quickly and easily identify who has called because of an offer they received from Frederick. You can view a list of who has dialed the trackable phone number by clicking on Reports > Tracked Calls


Can I edit my trackable phone number?

Unfortunately the phone number cannot be edited. Phone numbers are randomly assigned by our service provider and we don't the ability to request specific numbers. We will always attempt to assign you a phone number in your area code, however, it is dependent on availability. If a phone number in your business' area code is not available, we will assign a number in the next available area code closest to you. 


Do I have to use it?

This is simply an additional feature that is included with your Frederick account. It can easily be turned off by switching the on/off toggle under Business Listing -> Your Trackable Phone Number. If you choose to opt out of using the Trackable Phone Number, your business phone number will then appear on your communications instead. Please note that disabling the trackable phone number will disable text message automations. 


How do I control what number the trackable phone number forwards to? 

The trackable phone number will automatically forward to the business number you've provided. If you find that the number is not forwarding to the correct business phone number, please click on Setup Wizard on the left hand side of the page and ensure that you've entered the correct business phone number. 

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