How do I setup Declined Services?

Let’s say you have a client at the shop getting their brake pads replaced and you notice that their tires are wearing a little unevenly. After finishing the job, you let the customer know it'd be a good idea to get an alignment as well. The client doesn't have time now, but perhaps they'll come back later to get it done. 

The Declined Services campaign is designed to capture this moment and turn it into a special offer! Frederick helps you remind your clients about what they need to keep their car healthy and can even offer an incentive to come in to your shop to get it done. 


To get started, log into your account and click on Smart Marketing > Declined Services

We can turn the campaign on at the top, and choose to offer this discount via text message as well. I always recommend turning the text message feature on, as they tend to be a powerful method of communication to customers.


Next we can choose to enable a discount for the service – offering a percentage off, dollar amount, or a custom offer. If you choose to turn the discount off, Frederick will only send a reminder email for the declined service. You can also tell Frederick how long to wait after their last appointment before we send the offer. We typically see 21 days as a default for this one.



Once you've got your settings straight, take a look at what the offer might look like by clicking on View a Sample Email or send a test email/text message if you would like a preview of how the communication will look in the inbox. If everything is all set, make sure to save your changes and communications should start going out!



For more information on how Frederick uses the information in your booking management system for campaigns, check out these management-specific help videos:



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