How do I promote recommended services?

Creating personalized service plans for your customers is a great way to keep them coming back and their cars happy and healthy. With Frederick's Recommended Services feature, we'll remind your clients when their next recommended service is due and offer an incentive to book that service if they don't respond to the initial reminder.

Ready to get started? Here's how:


1. Turn on Recommended Services



  • Log into your account and click on Smart Marketing > Recommended Services over on the left hand side of the page.





  • Toggle the switch to the ON position to unlock the settings.
  • If you'd like to use text messages in addition to emails for this automation, toggle the Text Messages switch to the ON position. Clients will not receive a recommended services text unless they've opted in to receive promotional text messages.
  • Frederick will send an initial reminder for a recommended service before it is due. Set how far in advance you'd like to send the first reminder. 



2. Enable Discounts





  • Enabling discounts gives an incentive for customers to book their recommended service. We'll only offer a discount if they've received a reminder but did not respond. Toggle the switch to the ON position to enable discounts.
  • Decide how long you'd like to wait after their due date passes to send an offer
  • Create an offer -
    • Percent off - Offer a percentage off the service
    • Money off - Offer a specific dollar amount off the service
    • Custom - Create a custom offer. For example: "Free air filter with oil change and tire rotation"



3. See a Sample

Take a look at what your Recommended Services campaign will look like. Click on View a Sample Email to view the offer in your browser. You can also enter your email address to send yourself a test email or your phone number for a test text.

RS5.png RS4.png



5. Click Save

You're all done! Once you've hit Save your Recommended Services campaign will begin. 



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